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New and Recently Released Products

New products recently added. All are in stock and ready to ship. Best way to find them is to enter their numbers in the 'Quicksearch' box in the upper left, or click on the links below. Questions? Comments? Call or email using the contact info at the bottom of the page.

Flush mount, 11" Binder Ring with no triggers.
R132 - 1'' Capacity, Letter Size, Nickel Plated Binder Ring

New Antique Clipboard Clips:
H864 - 4 3/8'' Large Antique Brass Clipboard Clip

H854 - 4 3/4'' Antique Brass Clipboard Clip

H874A - 3 3/8'' Antique Br. Clipboard Clips (Checker Pattern)

H824A - 2 3/4'' Small Antique Br. Clipboard Clip w/hanger

Some popular parts in different finishes.
A722 - 2'' Width X 3/4'' Height Inside Stop Hinge, Nickel Finish

C752 - 1 1/16'' Width X 1 3/16'' Height Snap Catch, Nickel Finish

Q123 - Black Ni. Plated Sliding Arc Lid Stay

A New Small Brass Latch.
D541 - 11/16'' Width X 1 1/8'' Height Latch Catch, Brass Finish

Two New Flocking Colors
(You asked - we got them in.)
M580 - White Suede Tex Nylon Flock Fibres

M090 - Royal Purple Suede Tex Rayon Flock Fibres

A Full Range of Individual Loose Leaf Rings
(Once again - you asked - so we got them in.)
R912 - 1/2'' Loose Leaf Ring Nickel
R922 - 3/4'' Loose Leaf Ring Nickel
R932 - 1'' Loose Leaf Ring Nickel
R942 - 1 1/4'' Loose Leaf Ring Nickel
R952 - 1 1/2'' Loose Leaf Ring Nickel
R962 - 2'' Loose Leaf Ring Nickel
R972 - 2 1/2'' Loose Leaf Ring Nickel
R982 - 3'' Loose Leaf Ring Nickel

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Revised: 3/21/2016

quality hinges, hasps, locks, latches, catches,
contest locks, clipboard clips, card holders, binder rings and fasteners.